License Guidelines for Call Center/Hosted Call Center/Hosted Call Center Service Provider (HCCSP

Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission

License Guidelines for Call Center/Hosted Call Center, Hosted Call Center Service Provider (International or Domestic):

2. Technical Conditions for Operation of Call Center/Hosted Call Centre/Hosted Call Service Provider Center

HCCSPs must have provision for recording and storing all call detail records (CDRs), both international and domestic, separately for each connected HCC for a minimum of 3 months.
HCCSP operators shall ensure complete separation of local telephone lines used purely for office purposes from the network serving its HCCs.
Interconnection between HCCSP centers is permitted with prior permission of the Commission for redundancy, backup and load balancing. Interconnections between HCC of different clients are not permitted to be set up through HCCSP.
Interconnection between any Domestic and International HCCSP center is not permitted.
International and domestic HCCSP Call Center shall be located in separate premises.
Network Setup of the HCCSP Center will not be extended by any means to another location other than the specified location.
HCCSP will not configure the equipment to support remote agents outside the country.
The HCCSP may be permitted to create VPN or apply encryption either by software or hardware. However, appropriate monitoring facilities are to be made available to the Commission/NMC if required.
The Commission shall have the right to direct the telecommunication facility providers to apply monitoring facility with suitable recording system on any service extended to HCCSP Centers. Also, if directed, the HCCSP, at its own cost, would be required to install the monitoring facilities.
The HCCSP would provide remote monitoring facilities at the Commission/NMC premises, if and when required.
The HCCSP is permitted to maintain and interconnect with the DRC, for the purpose of back up and working during disaster at the HCCSP Centre location. The licensees will intimate the Commission immediately about the nature of disaster and in case of IPLC connectivity, will request the service provider to switch the IPLC to DRC. Domestic and International DRC must be in separate locations.

3. Requirement to furnish information:

The Commission or its authorized representative or any law enforcing authority will have right of unrestricted access to the Licenseesí premises for monitoring and inspection, without prior notice or delay, for obtaining data/current configurations of the equipment installed in the call center.
Call Center/HCC/HCCSP operators will ensure that their equipment installations do not become a safety hazard and is not in contravention of any statute, rule or regulation and public policy.
Call Center/HCC/HCCSP operators shall be required to provide the CDRs of all the specified calls handled by the system at specified duration, as and when required by the Commission/NMC.
Wherever considered appropriate, the Commission may conduct any inquiry either suomoto or on complaint to determine whether there has been any breach in compliance of the conditions by the Call Center/HCC/HCCSP and upon such inquiry they shall extend all reasonable facilities without any hindrance.
Licensees shall furnish to the Commission, on demand in the manner and as per the time frames such documents, accounts, estimates, returns, reports or other information in accordance with the directives/orders as may be prescribed from time to time.
Authorized Government law enforcing agencies will have the right to intercept the traffic/data originated/terminated at the Call Centers/HCCSP for the purpose of analysis and scrutiny.

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